Cherit - Magische Muur Spellen

Cherit delivers together with the Magical Wall a variety of different games. For the target audience of the age 3 to 12 there is for every player a game he or she will like. The games vary in play styles, for example: Ruimte Reis is all about action and being quick. The game Kleur Bal is based around creativity and the players’ timing is really important. Check out the full list of available games down here. 

Ruimte Reis

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During Ruimte Reis the player steps into the shoes of Astronaut Tommy. Tommy is with his rocket on his to his home-planet, but then suddenly the rocket is out of fuel. The players’ goal is to protect the rocket against the falling comets while Tommy is refueling his rocket. 

Smaak Explosie

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It’s an honor to meet you, I am Scotty the candy monster! I love candy, a lot of candy. At Smaak Explosie the players' goal is to feet Scotty as many Candy as possible within the time limit. But watch out, Scotty doesn’t like trash!

Kleur Bal

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Are you the next Van Gogh? During Kleur ball the player can release all his creativity by coloring drawings. The player must throw the balls at the exact time to get the right color. 

Jacht Seizoen

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Jacht Seizoen: The player must hit as many targets and ducks as possible within the time limit. 

Doelwit Jagen

Magische Muur

Doelwit Jagen is een competitief spel waarbij de spelers zich in 2 groepen moeten verdelen: team rood en team blauw. Het team moet binnen een minuut tijd zoveel mogelijk doelwitten van zijn kleur proberen te raken. Welk team kan er binnen een minuut de meeste doelwitten geraakt?

This is the (still growing) selection of games that are delivered with the Magical Wall. 

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